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Termite Control:

When termites cross masonry, concrete etc. to reach the food source, the nucleus of the colony remain in the soil. Workers travel between the food source and the soil to bring food. They usually return to the soil that at least once in every 24 hours for moisture, otherwise the workers would die.
The basic principle involved in control of subterranean termite is to break the contact between their food source and the colony. This is best done by creating a chemical barrier in the soil at the base of foundation of buildings.

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We handle building pre-construction and post construction anti-termite control services efficiently.

We provide termite treatment -

* With Industry-leading technology
* With vast termite control experience
* With extensive training in all areas of termite control
* With handful experience


Home / Offices: Annual contract with initial treatment and regular check-up; repeat treatment if necessary. In case entire building is treated, a 5 years Service Warranty* is provided. In case of farmhouses and independent buildings are treated, a 10 year service warranty*


10 years Service Warranty* from the date of commencement of treatment.

*Costs: Upon request (based on inspection of area, Its free)

Toll No 600-520058 All U.A.E

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